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Sometime in life..

Grandpa's care..


Sometime in life we have to experience the harsh reality. The reality that everyone in this world is temporary. Today I saw that thing again. The first time was when my grandpa left us. It was horrifying. It really was, as I was maybe one of his favorite grandchildren. I loved him. Really. You know, the second I saw him first time with no life lingering in his body, I was broken. I lost someone with whom I cherished lots of memories. I still remember how I used to touch his hands especially where I could see his veins traveling down, those beautiful veins with the most gorgeous color imaginable. I remember how I used to touch his cheeks which were really like elastic, and then he would laugh. And I still don't know at whom. And I bet he must have been the most handsome man of his times. And then, realizing that that I had lost him, I came back to reality.I was at a funeral. My mind was going numb hearing all those voices. The mourning and the screaming of women. And then suddenly I heard someone say that now how would the family survive without the only earning man. And at that exact moment I heard no one say that these are the women who cry on small things and they are the only ones who hold on to each member of their family. Make them stronger than ever, if necessary moves away from her comfort and struggles and most importantly complete everyone's life. And that is the thing which I still hear but only from the hollow air.

© 2020 Aastha Chandankar

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