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Something to Feel Good

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Something Good.

Lately Life hasn't been so pleasant.

But it's alright.

I'm still happy and joyful.

I'm blessed to have people lifting my spirits up.

I guess that's what matters most.

The world may not be fine today and is suffering another surge.

But that's alright.

Everything will heal soon, it will be over soon.

We just have to keep holding on tightly more than ever.

I've seen people dying from this virus along with other health complications.

I've seen health professionals trying their best efforts to serve thousands of patients.

Covid and non covid patients.

They are all trying their very best not to get sick as staffs and crews continue to get short staffed.

Even if its not their job or specialty, they got no choice but to help one another to serve more patients.

We are all getting tired and exhausted from this pandemic.

But I still see hope and joy in life and among others.

People are still choosing humor over sadness.

We choose to make people specially who are sick happy.

But also let's not forget to give back and make those people serving you happy too.

We all deserve a little kindness and a crack of a smile to feel human again.

Work can really be exhausting and tiring.

Especially with the surge of cases,

Nurses and Doctors are sometimes forced to work more than fifteen hours per day.

Sometimes they got no time to eat or sleep due to lots of work to do.

Lives are at stake every minute that passes.

But everything will be alright soon.

As long as the sun still shines every sunrise and the stars still twinkles.

We'd still feel alive and grateful for all the blessings that have come our way.

So long as the birds still flock and chirp together,

There is still hope. We must not give up and give in to fear.

Everyone is trying their hardest facing their battles and struggles daily.

Let us be more understanding, compassionate, and gentle to one another.

Keep spreading the love and joy for better tomorrows that continue to await us.

There is always something good to look forward to.

There is always a reason to wake up each day with a smile on our face.

There is always hope, we just have to focus on that.

Stay hopeful and blessed.

Be grateful for the good little things happening in our lives.

Being able to breathe fine is already a blessing nowadays.

If you are still able to laugh and make others smile, as you are healthy and feeling good.

Be thankful and continue to keep doing so. Inspire others and bring joy to their black and white life.

Experiencing so much health complications is really tough.

Top it up more with Covid 19, it's definitely a pain in the ass.

I'm praying for everyone to heal from whatever they are going through.

May they also find the strength to continue moving forward and to live a little longer.

There's still so much life has to offer. It's not yet the end.

Aspire to dream and set goals, so you won't lose that will to fight and live on.

This will serve as our guide that we still got so much to do with our lives. Let's not waste it.

Something good.

What's making you feel good these days?

What's keeping you happy?

What do you always look forward to?

Maybe the meals for the day.

Maybe texts from your loved ones.

Maybe a news you've been waiting for.

No matter what it is, it's important to have something to look forward each time of your life.

This is the force that's gonna drive you to keep striving in life.

To never give up and value each moment given to you.

Life is so precious to waste it over trivial matters.

Look around you. There's still beauty of life.

That alone is something good and it makes me feel alive and happy.

The fight continues.

One thing for sure, I'm more than happy than I ever was before.

My prayers are getting answered day by day.

I'm healing and recovering.

I'm going stronger and happier.

That's what at least I like to believe in.

No more worries and fears.

No more hatred and anger.

No more sadness and pain.

No more regrets to what ifs and what nots.

I'll just be contented and happy that God gave me another chance to make my life healthier.

Hopefully, Cancer and Covid Free from my head to toe.

It's all I ask for.

May everyone stay safe always.

It's a short update but I hope I was able to inspire and make you smile.

Thank you for always supporting me.

Thank you for all the prayers.

I do appreciate everything.

It means a lot to my recovery.

Have a blessed weekend ahead.

Thank you.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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