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Something to Believe In


Something to Believe In

I sometimes think God doesn't exist

Like He's some kind of mythical being

Created from our ancestor's figment of imagination

But I want to believe in something

I'd like to have a cause worth fighting for

Not to mention believe in

And what's better than that mythical deity who wants us to be good?

Who teaches us to do right by others,

In order to make the world a better place,

Who doesn't substitute wrong and right in any manner

Calling a spade what it is

As well as creating karma?

I might not be a philosopher or a psychologist

One thing I do know however is this:

Everything was created to be

One way or the other

By something, someone, or another entirely

So you can see it doesn't take a genius

To figure out we were created

If we who are merely humans

Create stuff for one purpose or the other

How much more one with such an IQ

To create the universe and it's planetary siblings?


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