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Something & Nothing

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Niladri is an experienced writer and has expertise in the field of research writing, poems, prose, scripts, blogs and articles.


Just empty space within, feel it

Entities are what we are used to,

So dependable,
So vulnerable,
So much in need of something to soothe us.

Entities are what we form,
To be secure,
To feel safe,
To be cured.

Entities are what we are afraid of,
So ugly,
So invisible,
So deformed,

Entities are what we love,
so materialistic,
so real,
so close

Entities are what we talk to,
So superficial,
So next to you,
So far away

Entities are what we look at,
So not fulfilling,
So not worth it,
So worldly

An entity isn’t what we are, just space,
So limitless,
So unreal,
So much within us,
So much vacuum,
So empty,
So formless,
So immaterial,
So not an entity.

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