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Something is beautiful

It is tickling a sensitive atmosphere

It is beautiful

with the sensitive meandoring cheer

I can feel it's pleasing nature

falling into sync as though my own

Growing rapid, suspenseful

passed ahead of rigor episodes

Something is beautiful

It is calming

could it be calling my name?

Se-rene, day-dream

blue skies armored

The peace is deafening

Quiet the world seems now

Pallet for my dreams now

I am changing now

The depths of simplicity



Something is beautiful

is it hovering

like a cloud above

that is near like love?

A beautiful feeling

does it make a beautiful me?

Painless it is as it is

gracious to live

amongst even the shadows

that may or may not persist

Something is beautiful

It is something of His.


© 2017 Courtney Grant

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