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Something In Nothing

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


This poem is conceived based on the challenge posed by Brenda Arledge for week 55 motivating to write something on 'Nothing'. She gives a word every week to us encouraging us to write some creative prose or poetry on that topic. Writing something on nothingness seemed to be a difficult task but after thinking about it we find that spiritually speaking we all came from a sea of nothingness and spend some time here on this planet Earth only to go back and dissolve in the nothingness again.

The birth of the universe and and birth of various life forms on this planet compel us to think some ways in which so much of the material and life came from nowhere and after completing the life span are vanishing from the scene one by one. So nothing is related to something in some peculiar ways and may be science in coming times would be able to decipher all those puzzles of life and death.

The ancient scholars defined zero as the mathematical symbol for nothingness and it explained the absence of anything where nothingness existed. One end of the spectrum of something is zero and other end is infinite. If zero is nothing then infinite is everything. Some scholars believe that universe in infinite in its size. It could be true that heavenly bodies are simply floating in that space. Interesting thing is that if we remove the material from that space then though it is infinite in size but it is nothing as it becomes a void space spreading infinitely to all the directions. More we think about it more difficult and confusing it becomes.

All these thoughts are summarised in this poem to understand the relation between something and nothing.

Something in nothing

Universe is a big vacuum,

Where heavenly bodies float as specks.

It is the most grand example,

Of something in the nothingness.

Nothing cannot be measured,

As it has no shape no mass.

It does not belong to any category,

It does not belong to any class.

Evolution of life,

On the planet Earth.

Is a miracle of sort,

A matter of proud worth.

It is said that,

Elements combined to form life here.

But the question remains,

How the soul was joined there.

Consciousness was evolved,

Subsequent to creation of the souls.

Body had to take that burden,

Humans started to ponder their roles.

Soul is the source of life,

Rest is all immaterial.

Strange are the relationships,

Between mind and material.

Body is only a dwelling place,

While soul is something.

When soul leaves the body,

What remains is nothing.

Nothingness is nothing,

But things emerge from there.

It is nothing but,

Things mature and end there.


© 2022 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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