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Meriyen Marquez, MSW. I love expressing myself through writing. It is an outlet that allows me to explore & share my perspective on things.



Someone _Who

An individual who is confident and comfortable with who they are in their skin.

A compassionate individual who aims to be the best version of the person they were the day before.

An individual that doesn't dwell on their past mistakes, so they don't lose focus on what is happening in their present.

An individual who can laugh at themselves and has goals and dreams. Yet, they made room for their significant other to be part of their lives without cutting each other's wings, inspiring one another to be a free spirit.

Freedom, trust, and honesty are top priorities in the relationship and as individuals. Self-love is a must because that means there is room for growth in any given relationship.

Lastly, there is an understanding that absolutely nothing is forever and that one must be honest when the feelings and emotions of love are fading away and know to speak truthfully rather than end up breaking the other person.

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