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The Ruins

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Words made her world bigger and smaller at the same time, as if she controls how it revolves at tip of her fingers and bleeds with it too.

Quietly, silently

Wish I held a little tighter when I had the chance.

Wish I held a little tighter when I had the chance.

Love Sabotage

We never needed to be loud, or at least we actually can't. The cats couldn't be let out of the bag. So we walked hallways with our hands placed behind our backs itching to touch. We whisper " I love yous" as if it'll cause explosion when someone hears it. /we choose the very back row just so we could sit beside each other. We laugh at group discussions like their jokes are funny but in reality we have our own little world that makes us crazy til out stomachaches.

Our feelings were deep, mad and most of all quiet. People ruin everything they touch and we both know that. So we decided the world didn't deserve to know about our love. But what we didn't realize is that we're also part of the crowd that has the ability to destroy what our hands could reach --

and so we ruined us.

© 2020 Jasmine

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