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Somebody (Anybody)

I don't have to build a castle
All my enemies come from within
Is it better to run far far away
Maybe I should shed all my skin

I'm not a snake in the grass
It's just the mess in my head
Nothing crawls except confidence
And doubt refusing to break bread

Have you ever climbed a wall?
I did it in a dream while holding my breath
I woke up with my lungs full of air
But the wall just wasn't there
Was it my life or my death?

It's another time for a holiday
When did it happen that I faced it alone?
I don't want anyone to make me do it
If I fight a battle, I'm not going home

Did I have a bad day?
I can't remember when it wasn't true
I have only questions
Maybe I'm not the only one needing you

Have you ever gone down in a hole?
I did it in a dream while holding a memory
I woke up with my mind full of care
But the hole was no longer there
Was it with my love or was it only me?

© 2022 Mark Lecuona