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Somebody Without a Past

You looked for every reason to pass me by
The things I say can’t be true
I can’t convince you that my past is all through
How can I live it down when it prepared me for you?

It’s seems that how you walked away was real
It was your choice, that’s all I have to believe
How can you cry while pretending you didn’t grieve
It’s your past sheltering the love you won’t conceive

What did you think
Somebody would come along
Without love from behind
Only knowing that you are the one
Without any doubt or pride?

Why can’t we agree we fell for somebody else
It was nothing about you, only our loneliness
I can’t say I didn’t say it and believe it was true
But now you think I’m lying when I’m only crying

What do you think
Somebody would come along
Without a memory from time
We live knowing we’re not the first
Can you give me a chance to be the last?