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Some Old Memories

Old memories


Old memories

When I felt like remembering some old memories, I took out my old books and sat on the front pages of the book and did not start as soon as it reached the middle pages in the book, there was an old rose containing an old memory.
This was the rose he gave me on the last day of college and I remember that day well I did not say anything but he had said a lot, his sad face even today I am not able to forget him. Going away like this still haunts me even today when I see this rose, I see it in the shape of this rose, I have never thought of it going away from my life, it was very close to me, yet I went away Some people meet like this in life, who go away, but we always remember them, my incomplete love, which I realized later, after finishing college, I never got anywhere again. I tried very hard to find him again. Even he is not seen anywhere
Don't know if it was the last day of college or it was my last day in my life
When I open this book and look at this rose, I remember all the things in college that I have been talking to her, she speaks it slowly. The last rose is always with me and always will be.

:—old memories

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