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A Dancing Star

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Metaphors are his creative weapon. He has graduated in Humanities and Film. Currently studying M.A Dance Movement Psychotherapy from London

Epiphanic Realization

This was the day when I was feeling lost . I remember I was struggling to live that moment, but somewhere I was not in my control. I was there present yet there was a absence in my presence. Incompletness and completeness simultaneously existing there i.e, you are terribly thirsty right within the pond of fresh water.

What do you want ? Where are you lost ? What makes you feel you ? Who do you think you could be? What possibly being you alive ?

These were the above question what I started asking myself and the restlessness was getting in rage. There came a moment where I put both of hands on my face, covered my eyes for couple of minutes then I removed my hands slowly by whispering gently to myself that, "Will you please start living with all your will ? Will you please live one moment after another? Will you connect to your heart while putting your mind on pause for awhile? Trust me some day you will have all your answer dear soul.

I hold the pen and started tapping on my notepad while this poem had been revealing into my mind. This literally have rhymed everything with so much sense that my anxious mind was struggling to find signs.

Exotic Tastes


Some Days

Some Days

I prey on superficiality,

To bring satisfaction, to my conditioned reality.

Some Days

I growl "why me" dear Lord,

Scratching the scars, to analyze the alluring rot.

Some Days

I experience home within intoxicated walls,

Sleep in the lap either its calm or chaos.

Some Days

I even go fetch the fruits,

to nurture the wisdom seeking through the woods.

Some Days

My demons whine for me too,

To find me starving over the feasting youth.

Some Days

I nudge myself "take a chance" you fool,

To remind myself that life awaits you.

Some Days

I dance along the glimmering stars,

Hoping to transform into Nietzsche's "dancing star".

Nietzsche's Dancing Star

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