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Some Things Must Have Come To An End.

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.


Some Things Must Come to An End.


More than a thousand steps,
This month I took.
Here and there,
Now where do I look?

Can't seem to find,
Which way did myself go.
Along the way,
Everything seems strange.

Where am I now?
The feeling is the same
But something is off.
Let's keep walking.

Now all seems in blur,
Thoughts and surroundings.
What was I living for?
A journey, never ending.

Some things must end.
It can hurt, it can heal.
For an ending,
comes a beginning.

Life has been like travelling.
Sometimes you get lost,
but you'll find your way.
When you do, that's fulfilling.

Sometimes you'll be walking,
Unsure of where,
But you'll definitely get there.
Just keep following your heart.

Just like a K9's instinct,
Getting familiar around you,
Sniffing where it feels good
Destination will soon be vivid.

There'll be heartbreaks,
Even your feet will ache.
But just so your tummy aches,
Hope for a restroom nearby!

Acceptance is the hardest step.
When you get past through it,
You'll go a long way.
Smiling for a better future.

The next step is to let go.
What you can't carry.
What you can't control.
Set yourself free and fly high!

Sometimes, things get scary.
Stressful even.
It's alright to be afraid.
As you can't always be strong.

Even the strongest tree,
Will be shaken.
Come a time, a strong typhoon.
Keep in mind, everything shall end.

Still unsure of the route,
For so long as I breathe
I should probably keep going
To find something great.

A new journey awaits.
Good food, good times.
Doesn't matter where.
Soon I'll be there.

When that day comes,
Here again,
Where I started a dream,
I'll let you know and keep writing.

'till next time!
stay safe with an f.
stay sane with an n.
As in that's all For Now.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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