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Some Things Are Just Wonderful As They Are

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Today Was One Of Those Days

My wife and I left for a wedding shower

Two wonderful co-workers that have moved on

I have had the joy of working with them both

They not only found work

More importantly they found each other

Jeffrey and Tiana

Now years later my wife and I blessed to stay in their lives

We had great weather

An incredible wedding shower it was

Who doesn't love good food and a cake to drool over

There aren't two many things that can top

Two special people starting out on their new life together

Meeting old friends and new ones

With their wedding just 48 days away

I am sure it will be an incredible day

In life there are many things we can't predict

How long our life will be ?

How are life will turn out ?

One thing is for certain

The more we find people who make our life better

The better our life will be

If we learn to keep the love alive

We can experience the best things life has to offer

Marriage might have a few thorns

Without them we would never get the most most beautiful roses of all

So even as this day fades away

A few pictures may capture the moment

The smiles and laughter say it all

With all our love and sweet happiness

May you always remember the joy

Sweet dreams are powerful

Love is in the air

Share and don't ever stop

Giving more to each other

That makes the both of you

Better than ever

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