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Some Things Are Everything

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At Least That Is What We Think

Until they are gone

Then there is nothing we can say or do

It happened to me

In the past now again just yesterday

As I continue cleaning making headway

Progress sometimes slow

I know what I want

Just I never seem to get there

They say it's not the catch

But the hunt

I am not sure I feel the same way

I am a dreamer

With that many dreams fall quickly to the wayside

Only a few make it across the tight rope of life

I constantly take a huge stride forward

To suddenly be thrown back like a balloon in a gust of wind

I look for ways to make life easy

In the process life becomes tricky

As much as I try to keep things for safekeeping

It is far from easy when you have a small home

I have a number of books and writings

So things get packed away

Unfortunately, when they are unpacked they aren't as safe as I hoped they would be

In my cellar, it gets damp and when I had water in the cellar last Spring

I thought they would be safe in plastic containers and plastic bags

Not always the case

Some things got ruined

The plastic cracked and to my surprise

What was dry now became wet

Out to the trash, you go

It is hard to collect anything made of paper for years

Water is their worst enemy

If we were to keep score

One for water and zero for paper

Out of all the things I could save

I picked the wrong hobby

Next life I think the only things I will save is rocks

A nice old rock collection that will give me great pleasure

They have been around forever

They each have a story to tell

They can resist all kinds of weather

So hard to break

Really cool to look at

You can display them inside or outside

Many are small and take up little room

I wish all my friends hobbies they also enjoy

That gives them more fun than stress

Easy clean up after

A lifetime of happiness

With nothing to dampen your day

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