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Some Poems I Wrote About Love

E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

Poems About Love

When most people think of poetry about love, they think of romantic poetry only. But the truth is, there’s lots of different kinds of love, including love you feel for your friends or your family or your pets,

These are some poems I put together, regarding different types of love. Humans need connection to live, so love is one of the most important emotions we have.

Mood Music

I hope you’ll listen to the music in the video above while you read my poems. I believe listening to it while you read will help you feel and understand the words more.


Love Is An Action

Love is an action

It’s not a feeling.

Sometimes love is hard,

Sometimes unappealing.

Love means you give

With nothing to spare.

Love means you try

When your heart doesn’t care.

Love doesn’t count

All the favors you’ve done,

Love doesn’t care—

Infinity or none.

Love’s not always happy

Sometimes love can cry

Love suffers with others

And continues to try

When you choose love

When it’s a painful action

Your heart will grow

It’s a chain reaction.

Soon you will feel

A swelling emotion

It heals your pain

Happiness in devotion

But once you resent

Once you turn your back

Once you take the easy route

You let your love crack.

Once you start to count

Kindness is too hard

You only care for yourself—

The pain that you guard.

Even when love is easy,

When you get your way,

You find yourself resenting it

You wonder why you stay.

So act the way you want to feel,

The feelings will soon follow.

Love without loving action

Is emotion that is hollow.

Author’s Note

I think this is the type of poem most people don’t want to hear. They want to believe love is an unstoppable and uncontrollable force. There is some truth in the idea that you can’t force yourself to have feelings towards someone or something if they’re just not there, but also we can influence our own feelings some through our actions.

Over time, if we recognize who is healthy for us to love and who is unhealthy, we can nurture our healthy feelings and possibly redirect our unhealthy ones through our choices and actions.

I find it relieving actually. Probably because I’ve formed some unhealthy attachments towards certain people in my lifetime. I like that through actions I can help myself over time get over toxic people through actions and also guide my feelings to be more positive towards those who are good people.


Eyes Of The Sea

The man with the eyes of the sea.

They change each day he’s with me.

Pure soul to explore, his eyes say more

Than his lips can recite vocally


In the morning, they shine green-blue,

Poseidon’s blessing lights through.

I feel desirous, as I stare in each iris,

His heart’s hidden treasures in view.

In the evening, they turn olive green,

They’re thoughtful and reflect what he’s seen.

He’s wise and he’s kind, he’s greatness defined.

And he looks at me like I’m a queen.


In the night, they’re stormy and gray,

They carry the darkness away.

His heart is light, Safety in sight,

Despite all the burdens of day.

Author’s Note

This is a romantic poem that I wrote for my husband.


Lead Me On

Crumbs scattered on the floor

I follow the trail that leads to more

I don’t even notice how scarce they get

I’m starving, but I can handle it

I must take the crumbs and make a meal

It’s the only way that I can heal

I want it all, but you keep it inside

Tell me to be happy with what you provide

You’re wandering away, I’m chasing you

Worried about what you’re going to do.

I know you’re capable of a Thanksgiving spread

But it’s up to you to give that or scraps of bread.

Author’s Note

This poem is about toxic relationships. In toxic relationships, often you are only getting crumbs of love from the other person. It’s enough to make you hold on, but you also spend the entire relationship desperate and starving emotionally.


Relationships And Omelets

Just a puncture, just a crack
Is all it takes, you can’t go back.

The shell is weak, handle with care
Drop the egg, mess everywhere.

Glue the shell, the yolk is broken
Dirt filled whites from the words spoken

Your awful actions beat this goo
These scrambled eggs aren’t good for you.

Anger cooks, lying makes slimy
Our relationship is awfully grimy

You can’t make cakes or a soufflé
With eggs you need to throw away.

So if you want more than an empty shell
Appreciate and treat me well.

Author’s Note

This poem is about people acting hurtful towards each other in relationships. How the words and negative things they hurl at each other can cause permanent rifts and damage in a relationship. There’s a desire to create something perfect, but through the pain, they are only able to create a mess, unless they learn to resolve conflict in a more healthy way.


Stuffed Rotten

Little kitten, stuffed with cotton

When was it that you got rotten?

Your whiskers fell off, your tail was ripped

Your fur is stained, your stitching stripped.

At the store I bought you new

Took you with me, I loved you.

But time has passed, your true colors show

Should I keep you? I don’t know.

Because though I love you, you got me sick

You’re broken and soiled, filled with ick.

I could wash you and clean you, the best I could

Or I could leave you behind for something good.

Author’s Note

I had a stuffed animal cat when I was a little girl. I went to an event as a child, where we all brought our favorite stuff animals. Mine was falling apart, so they gave me an award for “most loved” stuff animal.

And that’s fine. I still think of that stuffed cat fondly, but I was also thinking about being in relationships with toxic people. How you love them so much and continue to do so, even when their perfect facade starts to decay before you. And how with people, unlike with stuffed animals, maybe it’s not a good idea to stick around when you find out how truly rotten someone is.

But it can be difficult to leave because you’re so attached to them by that point that you might think you can fix them and make them “perfect” again. Like how you originally saw them.

This poem is about the struggle to let a toxic person go.

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© 2021 EB Black

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