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Some Poems I Wrote About Life


I am a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

Music To Set The Mood

Poetry About Life

Sometimes I like to get in the mood for reading or writing by playing music in the background. It helps me to feel what I’m reading or writing more. Listen to this music, if you think it will be enjoyable to you, while you read my poetry.

Here are some poems I wrote over the years regarding my thoughts and feelings about life.



Life gave me lemons, juice in my eye

It stung a lot and made me cry.

It’s sour and bitter and gross to eat

Unless I can mix it with something sweet.


Life gave me lemons and expected me

To make lemonade successfully

But I can’t squeeze them, the sugar runs low

It’s hard work and it’s going slow


The fruit may be ripened or may have rot

I may try to fix and find I cannot.

But I continue my work, though it may be bad

Hoping it‘ll be the best lemonade I’ve ever had

Author’s Note

I wrote this poem because life is a struggle and there‘s lots of hardships, but I’m doing my best to make the most of what I have. I have a lot of limitations and chronic illnesses and there’s no guarantee that things will go well, but I work with what I‘ve got and that’s all any of us can do.


Nature Versus Nurture

There were two pups who looked the same.

They were pitbulls, one had no name.

One was called “Dog”, the other “Spot.”

One knew no tricks, the other taught.

One was starved, the other fed.

One kept inside, the other no bed.

One was hit, the other kissed.

One neglected, the other missed.

When they grew up, they were the same.

They mauled a child and felt no shame.

But one did because they were scared.

The other did because they never cared.

In the end, locked in their cage,

They were put to sleep for their rage.

Society’s concern could then fade,

Not caring some are bad and some are made.

Author’s Note

Nature versus nurture is something that confused psychologists to this day. How much of our personality is formed because we were born that way (nature) and how much of our actions happen because of our environment and upbringing (nurture.)

It’s just something I noticed about society, how rarely we try to understand each other and why we do the things we do, what made people take the actions they’ve taken, so I wrote a poem about it.


No Platitudes Needed

There isn't always a reason

Or sunshine after the rain.

Sometimes people suffer

And there's no purpose for their pain.


Faith is often useless.

Suffering brings no lesson.

What doesn't kill us makes us weaker

We lose with each oppression.

There's more than we can handle,

Barely make it through the day.

There are things time cannot heal;

Tragedy wrecks that way.

Sometimes it can't be worse

And it doesn't matter if it could.

Some things were meant to be

And taken away before they should.


Before you speak a platitude

Before saying word for word

Be quiet and just listen

Make sure their pain is heard.

Author’s Note

I’m a firm believer in the idea that when most people talk, they just want someone else to listen to them. They want someone who understands them and will provide them companionship to get through hard times.

Unfortunately, I think most people’s go-to action when someone is upset is to try to quickly solve their problem, instead of helping the person process their feelings. And this kind of quick, catch-all advice people love to give often leads to platitudes that people say over and over again, but are devoid of meaning.

I’ve noticed that most people hate hearing platitudes.



The power of belief

When there's nothing there

There is no evidence

But you do not care


It's all about your passion

Not reality

It's about emotions

Not what you see.


You want it to be true

So you have fought

To share your truth with others

Emotions taught.


If more people believe

Then maybe it's real

If more people believe

The things you feel.


The delusion spreads

And we don't know

The truth from our feelings

The facts from show.

Up and down is now

Left and right.

You don't see with eyes.

You see with foresight.

But if you really live

With these beliefs

Allow blankets of lies

To hide your griefs.

You'll never really grow,

You'll never find,

A peace that really lasts.

You'll lose your mind.

Author’s Note

I wrote this poem before a certain person became president and before everyone was shouting at each other about what was real and what was fake. It was something I already noticed happening, people disagreeing about where reality begins and ends. Lots of people choose their emotions and the facts that make them feel happy to believe rather than the truth. In frustration over seeing this start in people I care about, I wrote a poem about it.



Piercing inside your ear;

The shattering you can hear.

Danger must be near.

There is every reason to fear.

A sound wave of pain.

The noise of the insane.

The call that has no name.

Nothing will be the same.

It's the terrified evocation,

The plea for sweet salvation.

It's life's great abomination:

The scream of desperation.

Author’s Note

I was very sad when I wrote this poem. I was kind of screaming in my head, so I wound up describing the scream and every other scream like it in this poem. I just think ear piercing screams are a powerful expression of emotional. They say so much in just one sound.

What did you think of my poetry?


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 21, 2021:


Your poetry is fantastic!

You need to write more poems.

I can't wait to read more.

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