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Some People Worth Mocking: A Satirical Poetry


Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


Those Beggars for Attention

We all have seen toddlers making big noise

so it's not exactly motorcyclists' invention

as they rev insanely on their manly toys

begging around for some attention.

So here I dwell by this big intersection

sleeping like a baby through sirens' noise

but waking up at this display of imperfection

underneath those helmets of some pissed off boys.

Reminds of machismo of superpowers

begging for attention with their noisy nukes

not taken seriously but trying to create cowards

parading with their military like Halloween spooks.

Those iron-pumping freaks also worth a mention

many soft inside while compensating with strength

with their beggar's hat full of some dubious attention

later going grotesquely fat and shortening life's length.

By not giving ourselves enough love we deserve

we oftentimes crave so much of others' attention

whether by impressing or getting on their nerve

which usually turns into a cheap compensation.

Those Ranting Politicizing Parrots

Paraphrasing incessantly a same pathetic refrain

as if to make sure that they are really being heard

unable to leave the groove of their replaying brain

they keep displaying a mentality of that yappy bird.

Like a bunch of pissed kids denied a candy

they cry in a chorus begging for attention

maybe a cold shower would come handy

or kick in the place too rude to mention.

Whether Reps or Dems the song sounds the same

like two breeds of parrots on neighboring trees

tweeting the same crap loaded with blame

using derogatory names as they please.

Whatever they say, you must have heard it already

in some thousand versions and so many ways

victorious or whining but certainly steady

with any possible slogan or a phrase.

All political events will unfold on their own

regardless if they are cheering or they cry

besides, nothing in politics is really known

it's only their pet theories they readily buy.

How else could I say it to sound more plain

avoiding what we can't control we stay sane

everything else is energy just wasted in vain

but to understand it one would need a brain.

Those Whining Pain-in-the-Butt People

With all that gamut of erupting expression

whining person may be a true pain in the butt

turning each conversation into a shrink's session

they make you wonder what a heck to do with that nut.

If you have to deal with one you know what I mean

as the more you try to ignore the worse it comes

it's impossible to reason with a drama queen

sounding like a mix of violin and drums.

They differ from depressives who don't talk much

I tend to always see them more on hysterical side

displaying a lot of emotion in whatever they touch

sounding like open book without anything to hide.

When they miss attention coming in form of praise

they try to be more noticed like one to be pitied

so they are playing victim and it usually pays

while oftentimes gets worse if not treated.

Have you ever tried applying praises

sincere or not -- it won't matter one bit

sometimes that helps with such crazies

when ignoring doesn't work -- try to outwit.

When they start their crap tell them they look good

ask them if they have lost any of that extra weight

or even go as far as to praise their good mood

then see if they show signs of biting the bait.

Selling them their image of someone O.K.

flattered -- they may try to live up to that crap

well, they may still have, as usual, plenty to say

but now it will be re-packed in more bearable wrap.

© 2021 Val Karas

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