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Some Pearls of Mass Stupidity


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


We live in time when liberties are creating monstrous exaggerations in those basic aspects of our national and global coexistence. It's a freedom that changes our values into their perverted variants -- like patriotism into national narcissism, religion into terrorism, and ethnicity into some kind of "god-chosen" status.

At a very fundamental level, when seen through the hierarchy of an individual's mental forces, that "anything goes" version of freedom is replacing the sense of discipline and order with an almost anarchistic eccentrism.

Without that sense of responsible orderliness there is only chaos under this or that fancy name that's supposed to give it some justification. So it's only thanks to the presence of the nukes that the flares of hostilities are not escalating into activation of the doomsday machine.

Only that scare of total extinction seems to keep at bay that ultimate bullyism.

"Now we have space force" -- brags this president, with paranoid idiots applauding to that innovation in already insane arm race. So "now" they surely feel safe in front of all invisible phantoms of their morbid imagination.

And the same is likely happening across the ocean, with another bunch of military crazies -- no one showing any sober and healthy interest in making all global antagonism the thing of the past, and a shame to the homo sapiens of this 21st century.

So, why do I keep writing about this garbage of human coexistence? Because it gives me a pleasure to pry open some dreamy eyes lulled in escapism of denial and political blindness.

So that some day, we may stop throwing roses in front of motorcades of leading careerists with their orgasmic passion for power. Maybe we, the people of this politically exhausted planet, really have some sense left about whom we are electing to lead us into a more rational and peaceful future -- worldwide.

Leaders Not Serving the Nation but More like Owning It.

Leaders Not Serving the Nation but More like Owning It.

I am quite sure now that often, in matters of religion and politics, a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's.

-- Mark Twain

Politics Turned Religion

Like grass is most widespread in world of plants

so are political zealots in this brainwashed herd

proficient at everything from worshiping to rants

oblivious to this mass deception and its absurd.

The same brain that made a deity out of bull

is still at work with their political blindness

not meant to graduate in the life school

I can't name it out of sheer kindness.

Instead of leader serving without parade of power

and getting promptly fired whenever they fail

they get put on pedestal of an ivory tower

making their presidency a smooth sail.

Along with a whole bureaucratic machinery to feed

from the taxes so unfairly snatched from the poor

they cater to that parasitic and useless breed

enjoying their privileges and status for sure.

Just take a look at all that massive cheering

by a sheepish mentality of political believers

blindly following leader's suggestive steering

with lies and a deception flowing like in rivers.

Well, there are societies sober and smart

not making of their leader such a big deal

able to tell careerist and professional apart

not falling for someone's charismatic appeal.

Politics has turned into a new religion

differing by this or that denomination

making of a voter a gullible pigeon

taken for a ride with whole nation.

We say: "God is working in mysterious ways"

and the same allowance we grant to a leader

we may try to get to the bottom of each phrase

but that might take nothing short of a mind reader.

Why Not Dismount Our High Horse and Just Try to Be as Much Human as We Can

Why Not Dismount Our High Horse and Just Try to Be as Much Human as We Can

Choose your friends and mates, not by the money in their bank account, creed, ethnicity, or color; instead, choose character, actions, heart, and soul. When we bleed, we bleed the same color.

-- Ana Monnar

Ethnic Ego Crap

I don't see differences between nations

all are merely struggling , surviving folks

with the same hopes, fears, and relations

while the rest is nothing else but ego hoax.

Americans or Jewish, or Poles

nothing significant about them

bunch of ordinary human souls

not like some rare ethnic gem.

In every ethnicity you'll find the same

a genius, a fool, a creep, and a beauty

but some keep insisting on their fame

to recognize it -- well, it's no one's duty.

Wherever you go you don't see some avatars

glowing with superhuman vitality and strength

but so many are expecting a treatment of stars

broadcasting importance on a silly wavelength.

In collective ego-boost with patriotic exaggerations

they so proudly talk about "sisters and brothers"

while making such a big deal of their nations

finding something inferior about all others.

Nothing really special about ourselves to be found

but we're reserving that pride for our public face

trusting our unity, and all those folks around

but locking our front door for just in case.

Unfortunately, the Only True Global Peace Keeper

Unfortunately, the Only True Global Peace Keeper

A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.

-- Margaret Thatcher

Nuke -- the Craziest Human Paradox

Except for some smaller, though costly wars

world as the whole is enjoying lasting peace

and despite some never really settled scores

threat of our self-extinction is not on increase.

Psychological wars will never cease

big money interests clashing no end

masses in a need for steam release

with hardly anyone acting as a friend.

But why is this specie still around

with steady flares witnessed in sight

without beating each other to the ground

this judging by an eager readiness for a fight.

Is it our religious brakes behind it all

or our high sense of morality at play

or is it Mother Earth's begging call

preventing one global size D-Day.

Nope, it is our yet craziest of all inventions

The Nuke -- biggest of all existential scares

stopping in their tracks any insane intentions

like ultimate cold shower for hot global affairs.

Meant to obliterate all cities of some foes

paradoxically serving as an antidote to war

with white-glove diplomatic ass-kissing shows

hypocritical like hell, but minding peace called for.

Thus, by being a hypothetical doomsday threat

Nuke is the best guarantee of the global quiet

for any idiot disturbing the crap would regret

with no winner in that size of a bombing riot.

If it hadn't been for this Armageddon warning

we would've already seen hopeful global slayer

and no one would have lived to see next morning

for thundering laughter of all gods ever in our prayer.

© 2020 Val Karas

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