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Some Old Stories Never Get Boring

My Wife Reminded Me

It is easy to forget the best times

Then when trouble hits home

We can only gripe and moan

Instead of taking a step back

Hold on

Bare with me for a moment


It looks bad

It might well be

It will not help us in any way

If we get into a funk

Lets jump ahead

Think of how we were feeling before this problem came

Try to remember a funny time from your past

I will give you one of thousands that work for me

My mother was only 4'11 inches tall

When my wife and I went shopping in a store with her

She would go one way

We would go another

When either of us was done

We would meet in the store

Sometimes near the checkout

My mother loved to shop

There were many times we were all done first

So we both figured we would see where she is in the store

Her height made her the same level of the clothing racks in the store

After looking all over

We still couldn't find her

So we headed to the front

Sure enough minutes later

My mom would show up and say

I have been done shopping

I was looking all over for you

We would laugh

That is funny because we were doing the same for you

Memories like this bring back real joy

The times that we share are priceless

My mom will be gone nine years this Nov 10th

There is not a day I don't miss her

The love that she shared

The gift she taught me

A mom is a mom for life

The art of giving even when others don't

© 2021 DREAM ON