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Some How Finding a Way to Laugh

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What We Have And What Could Have

Each time we wake up to a new day

How many people realize how beautiful it really is ?

They go through the motion

Are they really living or existing ?

When there are so many people suffering and facing difficulties

We must find hope, love and life

Without it

What purpose is living

Isn't it time to paint the picture we would want to see

Then bring that picture to life

It is not that hard

We have done it in the movies for years

We have watched life and then make movies based on that life

So why can't we dream about the life that we want

Then create it now

We have the technology

How much do we have to see ?

Before we do something

In the newspapers and on the news

Every day a sad reminder

Of the crazy things people consistently do

The solution

Be kind

Help one another

Stop pointing the finger

Take responsibility for our own actions

Make life a real pleasure

So one day we all can agree

The start of today and the day before that

Was the same

Exciting and new

It is like finding a buried treasure

Where we all see the riches

What we are really worth

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