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Some Firsts Maybe Aren't That Scary At All

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

Some firsts are exciting and thrilling.
Nothing to be nervous about.
But it will get you curious for more.
It's fun and interesting.

Some firsts makes your heart jump.
You just can't wait till it happens.
Sometimes you get scolded for sleeping late,
Looking forward for what that may bring.

Some firsts are nerve wracking,
Causing you a stuttering moment.
But if all goes well and you've made it,
You'll be shining like at a winning moment.

Some firsts aren't bad at all.
Nothing to worry about.
All it takes is deep breaths,
and it'll be over soon.

Sometimes having it as your first,
Doesn't mean it will be scary.
Sometimes when you got chance,
You can make it one of the best moment of your life!

Some firsts requires courage and inspiration.
What better example for that is:
Something that you love and knowledgeable about.
Draw from an experience or that's close to who you really are.

I realized these.
Not all firsts are terrifying.
Not all firsts can get bad as you think.
Sometimes, the choice and outcome is yours to make.

Be different.
Because, it's your life.
Make the best out of your firsts.
No matter how crazy and hilarious it can get.

Sometimes, if you can:
Try treating your first as if you were already good at it.
It will always boil down to your self cofidence anyway.
Believe in yourself and just let everything flow.

If you don't succeed at your firsts,
Don't frown because there are more to try.
Keep trying the things you are so eager to do.
When you have succeeded, tell them it was your first!

Aren't there tons of firsts you still got to experience?
May it be some Michelin dishes,
Unique cuisines, breath taking views, etc.
There are still tons of things worth a first.

Some firsts that you haven't tried yet in your life time.
Thinking of those as goals in life,
That's the force that keeps us wanting to be alive.
It gives us strength and reasons to be alive.

There are still tons of places I want to visit.
Cities and provinces I wanna set foot on.
Some dishes and cuisines I wanna taste.
More people I wanna meet and inspire.

These are some firsts that doesn't scare me.
These are some firsts that keeps me motivated.
These are some firsts that gives me happiness.
These are some firsts that makes me look forward for it to happen.

Unexpected things can happen along the way.
But the beauty is still there.
Not knowing what to expect means full of surprises.
It can be a bummer or something delightful.

Some firsts can be embarrassing.
But let's just say, it's for entertainment.
We learn from our shortcomings.
Just so happens, we were enjoying the moment.

Coming here to HubPages,
There were a lot of firsts I received.
Some achievements, some milestones.
But experiences and learnings,
Will always be greater than most of my rewards


I have also encountered and gained tons of firsts.
It's a long list, but let's keep it coming.
It can be overwhelming to take the first step,
But sometimes, you just have to take these steps.

Remember these steps, will take you places.
It won't be long for you to realize that you've come a long way.
When it seems yesterday, you learn how to take little steps.
Some firsts are worth taking risks.

Whatever your next 'first' is,
Always find a reason to enjoy and be happy.
Record and capture your firsts.
One day, these lists will be things that you're very proud of.

It's alright if your first didn't go well.
It was just your first anyway.
No big deal.
You can still try your luck and chances next time.

Just keep trying.
Do what you love best doing.
Even when the time is fast ticking,
Well, all that matters is your enjoying.

Just make sure it won't cause you any harm or danger.
That it's legal type of fun.
Still be cautious and not to carefree.
When doing something for the first time.

Life can be devastating.
Let us help one another heal.
Spread love and happiness.
Make people laugh and fart.

Who knows, you can be the first of something.
Something historical, something memorable.
May it be to a place or to someone.
Just be better and be kind.
Respect and show some courtesy.

Some firsts can be pretty amazing.
Try it and find out what firsts are incredibly worth it.
If you loved it and enjoyed it,
These firsts may be not scary at all.


  • Just Like Every Firsts
    Our every firsts somehow correlates to something we know and what we love most. I got inspired writing this from the Chinese Series called "Count Your Lucky Stars".

© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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