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Some Days Start Off Good And Just Get Better

I Am Just Loving It

My wife and I rolled over early this morning

We didn't just bounce out of bed

We held each other close

Then we relaxed in each others arms

Thinking of what we might do today

We can hear the wind whip against the house siding

Being so happy we both don't have to go anywhere today

The temperature dropped in the low teens

My wife got hot and we lowered the heat

It was on 68 degrees

We lowered it to 65 degrees

We like to be comfortable but not warm

If the house is too warm we get sluggish and tired

Later we will have a little nip in the air

It is o.k. we will get a light sweatshirt if need be

Later on my wife had to go to work

She is working from home

So she just goes to her office

I spent most of the morning looking at pictures from last year

Bringing back so many thoughts and good times

We might be just having breakfast or lunch

Walking in the Home Depot parking lot

Looking at plants for our yard

My wife falling asleep while watching T.V.

Me cutting the grass or raking the leaves

We do so many little things together

That add up to the beautiful big things

We have been blessed with good health

We also have had our share of ups

Unfortunately, they don't come alone

There have been days we have been down

Things happen and trouble hits home

An unexpected car accident

Pushed us to shop for another car

Now we have a car loan

Our lawn mower stopped working

We were lucky to find another second hand one for cheap money

It has so much power and works great

We needed a new refrigerator and washing machine

Had an issue with our plumbing

Luckily we will able to pay for it all

Little at a time

Things are mechanical and they wear out

I had my first serious injury at work

So I was out on workman's comp. for three months

First and hopefully the last time in my life

Going to therapy and feeling better all the time

There has been days that have been a world wind

I couldn't tell you if I was coming or going

I continue to relax and make my wife lunch

Today has been interesting

I could of spoke to soon

My wife had trouble logging on for work

She has had a few issues in the past

Just when I thought all our troubles were over

Not even hours later

I can hear her complaining with system problems

I listen and can't help

I am going for a walk

I can't believe how fast things change

My plan is when I return home

Things will be going good again

© 2022 DREAM ON

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