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Some Days Are Too Good To Forget

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A long Time Coming

Well deserved and let the fun begin

It could be your birthday ?

Then Happy Birthday to you

Spend your day the way you like best

Relaxing at home quietly

Maybe out with friends

One day a year

You get to be so thankful for

Then other times

It could be a day that just went good

From the time you got up

Till the time you went to bed

Everything seemed to work perfectly

Planned or unplanned

Systematically beautifully

Every action caused a lovely reaction

You were excited inside

Only to see

Soon you couldn't control yourself

The pleasure started to ooze out

Like a tube of toothpaste

Once out

There was no going back

No matter what problem was in your way

It was no match for you

If you only played the lottery

We know you would have won

You were too busy

Just seeing things happen

No time to think

No time to even understand

How wonderful this day had become

The people we talked to

The hidden flow of positive energy

Had no where else to go

It came from you

Circled back and went right back

To be stronger and more pleasurable

More spontaneous and beneficial

Not just physically

Emotionally and all around well being

This was the one day in your life

That you have always dreamed of

Now that it is here

Watch and feel it explode

A love of passion

A great treasure to be admired

All the stars had to be in line

Unexplainable and uncanny

The fun didn't stop

It started and soon kicked into high gear

If we were driving

It would have been speeds way over the limit

With the wind blowing in your hair

Better yet

You were safe

As if there was a safety net below

In place if we were to fall

It never happened

If we recorded each movement

It would be highly classified

Outrageous and totally off the charts

Like a stock

That shot up unexpectedly

We watched it rise

Ten to hundred times it's value

Now the day is over

I still feel the power

Like being a kid and having your first crush

Doing good on a test

You aced it

Years of practice and persistence

Finally paid off

Whatever happened

If we could duplicate it ?

We would be wealthy beyond our means

To experience it

Was well worth it

It is like getting thirty percent off

An item you need

Better than that

How about fifty percent off

No we can still do better

Buy one get one free

Still not good enough

Here we go

This is absolutely free

No purchase required

Yes, for you

A day that we can share

We can laugh till our sides ache

It doesn't get any better than that

You are not only part of it

You are the one

That made it happen

You are the reason it all sky rocketed

You may never know why?

I couldn't go another second without giving credit where it is do

Thank you for being you

© 2022 DREAM ON

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