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Some Days Are Much Better Than Others

It All Depends

For me, it is the people I talk too

It can either make me or break me

I am all about being and staying happy

There can be a fine line

We sometimes cross

We don't mean too

It happens in a blink of an eye

Slowly, we can find our way back

To not just one smile

But a series that continues like glasses in your kitchen cabnet

If you see one you know there is another

Then row after row

I can't be the only one who notices

Glasses in a cabinet serve a purpose

Anyone can use them at any time

They make drinking everything so much fun

Without them, it would be pretty hard

People everywhere have all different types of glasses

Some people even have their own special glass

Off-limits to the rest of the family

They come in all different sizes

Juice glasses to big tall long thin ones

All different designs and patterns

I am blessed to have the most beautiful friends

Who not only are there when I am sad

But are there to talk to anytime of the day

Carolann and mom this is all about you

Two special friends who I am so proud to say

You make my day

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