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Solomon's Prayer : A Poetic Writeback on Psalms 51

Febelyn is a college student taking up, Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in English at Central Philippine Adventist College.

My God, I am severely wounded by the sword of sin
Show me thy grace that I have never seen

Take away from me the evil desires buried within my heart
That in the presence of the Spirit I will not depart

Purge my doubts away and let me stand.
Faultless and pure upon your sight

Deliver me away from the snare of Satan
For in his presence is everlasting pain

Help me to look upon the small little light
During the time that the darkness almost swallow my life

Break me more in pieces 'til I become unbreakable
My only sacrifice that is worthy is my contrite soul

The burdens I carry and the cross I bore'
Is nothing compared to the Messiah's sore

Help me God to gaze upon your exceeding eternal glory
That my soul will be kept in you after all this agony.


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© 2022 Febelyn Tagalogon

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