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Soft, Fluffy And Everything Comfy! Warm Feelings And All That Gentle Jazz

Emee.chan is all about sugar, spice and everything nice. Then again, who isn't from time to time?

Fluffy and soft to the touch.

Fluffy and soft to the touch.

I suppose I was in need of something innocent and pure, without interest and ulterior motives. No explanation needed, because it just is what it is.

Something that, when you think of it, makes you feel warm and safe.

And judging by the pictures I've used in this article, something pink.

I'm probably craving some simplicity in this crazy world.

Peaceful Purity

Cotton candy and fluffy,
Light pink and bubbly.
Soft as baby's skin,
Light as a feather in the air.

Tasty and sweet,
Like savoring the
Most delicious treat.
Your heart skips a beat.

Gentle as a kitten,
You find yourself smitten.
Feeling like you're on cloud nine,
Floating up so high.

Warm and content,
Like you just ate a meal
Prepared with so much
Love and care.

An embrace full of adoration,
A state of pure elation.
Comfortable enough for you to
Put down the walls guarding your heart.

Your safe haven can be
A place or even a person.
Feeling protected and like you can
Be yourself without restraint.

Kittens are cute and soft. And lovable.

Kittens are cute and soft. And lovable.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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