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Society's Perception Vs. Reality

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Many people believed that happiness was achievable

As long as they completed certain supposedly easy steps

Everything would fall into place and the stars would align

Movies and television fantasies instilled that false belief

Marrying a real life Prince had many invisible strings attached

Case in point: Meghan and Harry's recent interview

Beneath the shiny smiles appeared a veneer of sadness

Forced to soldier on when they were falling apart internally

Marrying royalty allowed outspoken souls to be bound to silence

Kept such a stiff upper lip that it couldn't last much longer

Hard to believe those archaic rules still existed

After numerous cringe worthy scandals of the past and semi-recent

Hypocritical to still clinging to age old codes in social media age

Social norms that pigeonholed people into tight spots

Making them occasional punchlines of late night talk shows

Older men dating much younger women

A sign of youthful status for many

Secretly, the men feared of "robbing the cradle"

Covering up their silver fox status with supplements and hair dye

Denying their feelings until they do the unthinkable

Enforced a hasty end to something with potential

Older women accused of being cougars for same pursuit

An unfair double standard to impose on anyone

Happiness should be beyond simple stereotypes and labels

Whatever works should be all that matters in the long run

Of course, within legal and moral means

No need for too much shock value in shocking times

Ready for society's judgments to be locked up for life

Unlikely to happen in the social media/tabloid culture

Where nothing was off-limits and everyone's opinion counted

Not knowing about a tenth of the truth and still weighing in

Eager for a more tolerable environment

That kept certain harsh opinions to themselves

A certain amount of patience and respect needed to heal

Time to heal the wounds of the past and present

In order to have a better future

Only worked if everyone involved willing to do so

Doubtful that will happen at this time

Practicing some much needed patience in meantime

In no rush to move to next stage.

The reality behind the veil of royalty and tabloid gossip.

The reality behind the veil of royalty and tabloid gossip.

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