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Respect Of A Woman

Mohit jha has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. His poems are published online and in prints.

Honor of a woman

This morning there is a shiver with some chill,

There are also stings of some questions stinging in the heart.

Will this mess continue in our heart,

How long will the country bear this insult to their beloved daughters.

Sometimes you have to show courage,

sometimes you have to raise your hand,

Sometimes these atrocities will have to learn forced lessons.

Some people were performing with candles yesterday,

slogans in loud voice were stirring in the heart;

Many leaders came and gave speeches,

The poor father of that girl remained, took a picture of her daughter in hand;

In his eyes too, some emotions were stirred by fire.

Why don't we hear that daughter's sobs, Those last hiccups in the hospital she tried to stay alive.

Is our eyes water so dead,

That today, our daughter has been trying to protect her identity.

In this country that forgives even its enemies,

Why our daughters cannot live with fearlessness.

Where are the brothers? who put the thread on their wrist and,

Promised and protected their sisters,

God has also said that it is wrong to suffer injustice,

So is it not a crime to blind yourself to these crimes?

Today is the time, we have to change our thinking,

The whole destiny of our society has to be changed.

Today we all have to make this determination,

In this country that worships Durga, Lakshmi, the Bhasmasura must end.

The woman's lost respect has to be given back,

Thinking will have to change, society will have to change;

Pledge has to be taken that even if the life goes away,

there will be no fear in our country now,

The honor of a woman will not be degraded anymore.

© 2020 Mohit Jha