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Social, or Anti-Social Media? - Poetry For Thought

John is passionate about human and animal rights, social justice, equality, and the environment, and likes to convey that in his writing.


I know a few people who have commented on posts on Facebook and Twitter(or in fact posted something themselves) and had others take what they said out of context, thus leading to a heated argument and conflict of opinion. This is the danger of communicating via the Internet and not in person. Facial expressions and body language play a big part in portraying the true meaning or feelings behind our words. Without these, it is too easy for what we say to be taken out of context as offensive or derogatory when that wasn't the intention.

Social, Or Anti-Social Media

How can you judge me

If we haven't met?

Do you know my life story,

Or even want to?

Why do my comments

Incite your anger?

They are meant for the eyes of others

Who know me better,

And have lived my life.

I have no wish to upset you,

To abuse or disrespect you.

So why do you comment

With sarcasm and contempt?

Do you hate expression

Or are you just expressing hatred?

At an innocent post by me

Meant only for friends,

Expressing my feelings

Through freedom of expression



Speak to Me!

Smart phones, dumbing us down,

Verbal communication, becoming redundant.

Face to face, only on FaceTime or Skype.

We chat on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo IM,

Not to neighbours over the fence.

Even phone calls have given way to SMS,

Texting is the current fad.

The written letter is almost dead,

Most postal services are reducing delivery days,

Email has taken over from snail mail.

People are becoming more reclusive,

Even dating on-line, no physical contact necessary.

Sharing photos, cyber sex, virtual courting.

No need to shop in-store,

Everything is available on-line, and cheaper.

Many now work from home,

No office contact or team-work required.

All our banking and bill-paying

Is done via the Internet as well.

Soon there will be no need to leave home at all,

Cars will be redundant.

Eventually we will lose the art of speech,

Evolutionary change - no longer needed.


Let's communicate face to face.

Look into my eyes,

Hear my voice,

Shake my hand,

Hug me,

Read my body language.

I am a living breathing being,

Not some virtual computer entity,

Speak to me!


Cyber Bullying Is A Crime.

Chloe Ferguson took her own life after years of both physical and cyber bullying.

Read Chloe's story, and then help stamp it out by signing this petition against bullying (both physical, and through social media).


© 2013 John Hansen

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