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Social Distancing

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Thank you for stopping by! I teach drama, run a drama club, and write because I must.

SD (Social Distancing)


Forced or voluntary,

Nothing new about SD

For the snob, the VIP,

The poor, the pimply,

The society beauty,

The hijabi, the non-hijabi,

The Ahmadi, the Masihi,

The divorcee, the Siddi,

The illegitimate baby,

The supreme deity,

The left-hander,

The transgender,

The unwed mother,

The social climber,

The wild tiger,

The scavenger,

The toilet-cleaner,

The refuse-collector,

The victim of assault,

The one who lost

Their spirit-animal,

The jinn, the angel,

The stray animal,

The unfashionable,

The untouchable,

The bereaved,

And the deceased.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is this from personal experience...the social wrote with such depth?

Answer: Yes. Initially, I wanted to write about my own experience. But then other examples came to mind so it became a list poem.

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