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Social All-Star Baseball Game

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Hard to believe that life can be boiled down

To the brass tacks of childhood habits

One word came to mind: games

People loved to play them as a way to win

Getting what they want no matter what the cost was

Psychologically manipulating competition to bend

In the direction that they were expected to do so

Unfair to make such serious matters so trivial

Was the truth regardless of the protests and outcome

Some born to lead through lies and manipulation

While others dragged their heels as they followed along

Slaves to the will of their masters and not their partners

Decided to break those invisible bonds of control

Reclaiming the power lost after the noose

Began to tighten and all rational thought left the room

Figured a game of my own to help drive home message

Taking no prisoners and will be designing the conclusion

Initially resistant to sink to another uncomfortable level

Knew what the limits were and always prepared to stop

Turned this chapter into the nation's favorite pastime: Baseball

No balls and bats were used; everything metaphorical

Leaving misconceptions and romantic comedy troupes at the door

Be prepared for some harsh rules, folks.

This umpire meant business in the game

No exceptions or credits for good behavior given

Three strikes and you're out no matter what

One false term of endearment away from a shut-out inning

Under false assumption that goodwill can be earned

After so much turmoil and drama from previous chapters

Slowly coming to the realization that the past

Will never die out entirely and trust never returned

Once it was broken, all respect vanished completely

Ready to get beyond those ancient feelings and memories

Saying goodbye to the person I once loved

As well as the girl I used to be

Not interesting in reigniting non-existent sparks

Moving onto greener pastures with better quality firewood

Game over.

Pitcher prepared to strike another batter out.

Pitcher prepared to strike another batter out.

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