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Soaring Wings__a Collection of Angel Poems

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Angels Have Soaring Wings


Inspiration for the Following Poems

Before I wrote novels, short fiction, and then nonfiction over here, I was a poet for half a decade. My inspiration for my angelic poems came from two small angel books I'd brought in Pennsylvania on a trip. I based my poems from there like a prompt. One was on angel thoughts, and the other from literary quotes and Biblical scriptures.

Back then, a bunch of my poetry in various subject matters and forms were published in e-zines and some literary journals. I was set to have them in poetry chapbooks or poetry books to an e-publisher with free clip art, but it never came to pass at that time. So feel free to comment on my poetry with your thoughts. Enjoy my first selection of eight poems from my Soaring Wings poetry chapbook.

A Honorary Tribute

After my grandfather passed away in December 2005, I started to write poetry that dealt with angels, Heaven, and God. In May 2014, I now had honored my mother who passed away. So here's the first batch of poems I wrote in their memory that started my angelic poetry collections.

Soaring Wings and No Holy Beast

Soaring Wings

When we take flight into the white light,

Warmth confronts all of us when we arrive,

Angels and saints greet all at the pearly gates,

Surrounding by people who care and love us in clouds.

Our spirits soar on the wings of angels,

We feel at home is what eternity is all about,

Immortality is placed on soaring wings,

In Heaven, our new home is here to keep.

Inspirational quote: "Our spirits soar on the wings of angels" by Sarah Michelle.

No Holy Beast

Man is neither an angel, nor a beast,

They’re in between and not holy or mean,

Not even the duo like Jekyll and Hyde,

Man is just a human being.

And the misfortune for man is that,

That man is no holy beast to befall evil,

He who would act the angel acts the brute,

And man isn’t angelic, or a beasty monster.

Inspirational quote: "Man is neither angel nor Brute, and the unfortunate thing is that he who would act the angel acts the Brute" by Pascal.

Inspirational Angels with Halos


Supernatural Guardians and An Angel's Home

Supernatural Guardians

Angels are the real thing, even invisible,

And so is God and in all of his glory,

They are supernatural guardians out there,

May it be in Heaven, or down on Earth.

Angels are the reassurance of the afterlife,

And that the supernatural eternity,

And the realm of God and His love,

It’s all real in the reality of it all.

Inspirational quote: "Angels are reassurance that the supernatural and the realm of God was real" by Richard Woods.

An Angel’s Home

An angel’s home is up in the heavenly sky,

They’re joined by God, and all saints and angels,

Freedom to do whatever we want without restrictions,

Or even without limits, they float on clouds.

It’s not only where the heart is to them,

But to all hearts--of the fallen and the living,

Only when it’s controlled, Fate is in their hands,

Except when it’s cut short from war or violence.

Inspirational quote: "To angels, home is not only where the heart is--but all hearts" from Karen Goldman.

Cherubs Will Provide Answers


Believe in Angels and Guardian's Book

Believe in Angels

Never doubt in yourself when you’re down,

If you believe in angels, don’t you frown,

Is despair the very end of your woe?

Far off the angel voices the answer, “no!”

Never give into temptation or be in despair,

God is there for you, always understanding, and to care,

Devils despair, for they believe and tremble,

But man believes and hope to have faith and reassemble.

Angel thought #19: "Is despair the end of woe?

Far off the angel voices answer, "No!"

Devils despair, for they believe and tremble,

But man believes and hopes."--Caroline Norton.

Guardian’s Book

A guardian angel has many things to do,

And with joy in His world, the guardian angel now sees,

They can predict the future in the present,

For a special doting child upon his knees.

With God’s hand and knowledge, a guardian writes in his approving book,

And composes of all good things as virtues and innocent,

Checks it off with each upward, earnest, holy look,

Crosses off the bad wrongdoings as sins.

Angel thought #34: "With joy the guardian angel sees

A duteous child upon his knees,

And writes in his approving book,

Each upward, earnest, holy look."--John Keble

Visiting Seraphs and Assets of An Angel

Visiting Seraphs

For God will deign over Earth into the heavens,

And join Mother Nature and Zeus for wordly reign,

To visit oft of the dwellings of just men and mankind,

When it also visits the homes of women too.

Delighted is the feeling they have, and with frequent intercourse to travel,

From Heaven’s jeweled city of pearls to Earth’s ground,

To that place He will send His winged messengers for Him,

Delivering answered prayers and calls of help and need to His people.

And the return back to their home in the sky,

When visiting seraphs come knocking on your door,

On errands of supernal grace and good fortune,

With love, happiness, joy and peace to everyone.

Angel thought #3: "For God will deign

To visit oft the dwellings of just men

Delighted, and with frequent intercourse

Thither will send his winged messengers

On errands of supernal grace."--John Milton

Assets of an Angel

There are many assets of an angel in Heaven,

They’re always in motion on Earth, non-stop,

And their pure, innocent being is an intelligent essence,

Which makes them for who and what they are to us.

Angels always have a free will,

They serve God in the heavenly sky,

They’ve been bestowed with immortality,

And they always are incorporeal.

Angel thought #84: An angel is an intelligent essence,

always in motion. It has free will, is incorporeal, serves God,

and has been bestowed with immortality."--John of Damascus

Talked to Angel Poll

Angelic Afterthoughts

Looking back, when I first wrote that batch of poetry a decade ago, it brought me closer to them. I could feel their presence and know when they watched over me. After my grandfather died in 2014, writing angelic poetry was a cathartic way for me to move on and move forward. I'd collected figurines and other types of small items that featured an angel and displayed them in my bedroom. I believed in God and the angels, since they were indeed my guardian angels. I also had dreams of my lost loved ones from time to time.

I did feel a warmth sensation and know they listened to me when I talk to them and pray... whether at church or at home. Like journal writing, poetry is a good way to express yourself in thoughts and feelings, whether you lost a loved one or a pet. It would help you release your true emotions. And I encourage anyone to try it for themselves.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Kristen Howe

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