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So What Is Missing

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

What is missing!


What is missing!

Today the sky asks the land

It rains a lot, cloudy!

It's damp today.

Farmers are asking the land

Be very fertile,

You have fields and barns.

So what is missing!

Darkness is telling the moon today

Fall apart, you have moonlight

So what is missing!

There is sky on the head and

The ground under the feet.

Time is telling people today,

You have patience and courage

So what is missing!

Get involved in life like this

I don't even care for anyone today.

Believe that there are tears ever

So laughter is sometime here today.

Have the desire to do something

in your mind

So what is missing!

Good and bad times will come and go

When you are a human

In the wrong paths, you will become a rock

and in the right path you will flow as water

So what us missing!


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