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So, You Are the One Inside the Bottle


I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


It is a controlled place

Where several bottles are placed

With different contents inside them

One out of all is

Different, always bubbling and at

Times the molecules inside noisy

When the atoms come together

Foams are formed which collide

With the cork of the bottle

Then returns to its position

At times it would seem as

If whistling like a kettle

Which the water inside has

Been heated to the boiling

Point making sound to its owner

To come and put it

Off. Other bottles were always

Surprised with the unusual characteristics

Being regularly demonstrated by this

Suigeneris bottle many of the

Bottles move closer to this bottle

Turn by turn to know

The secret behind its regular

Characteristically features which made it unique

But they could not discover

Anything despite their moving closer

It makes no difference

No difference as at when

They were distance of it

They kept wondering and wondering

What could be the secret

For those sounds coming out

From it that calls attention

All other bottles ain’t center

Of focus except that special

Bottle called suigeneris one

They let there minds off

Knowing the secret behind its

Sound let go their minds

From wanting to be like

It each manufactured in different

Way for different purposes

Each produced by different maker

Yet they complement one another

What it has none had

The contents in them it

Does not contain though attracting

And calling attention of all

Joyously performing their roles in

The controlled place with the

Endothermic and exothermic reaction occurring

Something weird was noticed by

Other bottles one day, no

Sound from any of them.

What could be it? Reasoning

Others. Saw similar bottles with

Similar contents thought was it


Though decided to be silent

After all. Atoms and molecules

Haphazardly moving in silence

This was their thoughts. Days

Rolled into weeks yet nothing

Of earlier features shown by any

None of the bottles with

Similar features and contents have

Been like it the formerly unique

Then they assume, this bottle

Has become like one of

Them in being silent

Those with similar contents now

Exhibit unique features, they are

Even more silent than they are

Then they know that the

Bottles they presume were the

Ones were outrightly new ones

Behold the ancient attracting bottle

Has been changed. Wow! They

Exclaimed no wonder everywhere is silent

It has been years that

The bottle has been changed

Other think not of it again

At a season the controlled

Place was to be destroyed

All bottles were thence removed

One of them transported to

Another controlled site then met

With similar noise of before

This should be the noisy,

The unique one moved away

From amongst us years back

Moved close to it and

Started studying it over the

Time discovered something about it

Then inquired from the known

Content of it has ever been

At other controlled site

Replied in affirmative and they

Discovered they had been together

Before then the bottle said


It then means you were

In the bottle calling attractions

Those years at the site

Now, I got you. Today i

Know you. I like others

Have longed to know thee

We have been looking forward

To knowing the compositions inside

Of the bottle called unique

Now that I know, I

Discovered you are different, we

All are different in the hall

It is pleasant thing knowing

Each other. Wonderful thing maintaining

Ones role without imitating

For every bottle occupies a

Space in time. Every bottle

Has its special assignment.


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