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So You Say You Found Another

Most of my poems are from what can best be described as my "Blue Period", aka "The Dark Year of the Restless Soul".


So You Say

So you say you found another

Someone sweet and kind and true

So you say you've gotten over me

And found a love brand new

So you say you're leaving with him

Gonna follow him anywhere

Yet it's only been a month now

Since I was standing there

It felt so good to see you

And tumble through the night

Does your new man know you need me

And our love still heats the night

So you say you've found a new love

That's how you talked last night

Yet the way you held and squeezed me

Tells me something's not quite right

I guess you think you have to go

And prove this to yourself

I guess you think you're over me

We know there's no one else

So when you're done escaping

And running off to who knows where

And you realize you still need me

Just call and I'll be there

© 2018 Hal Gall