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So Very Majestic

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

So Very Majestic

Purple mountains and

Old movie theaters

And she before whom

We bow our neck and head

Or curtsy

With a slight tug

At the sides

Of our dress

A beautiful, majestic Shire horse...

A beautiful, majestic Shire horse...

A high-stepping Clydesdale

A decorated Shire

A golden clad Akhal-Teke

A bald eagle on the rise

To survey his domain

From atop the highest pine

These things come to mind

When I hear the word


"The Majestic" by Dion

A Jim Carrey film

A Dion song

And dance

An old Daimler car

A ‘30s era motorcycle

Made in France

And huge faces carved in stone

In the dark hills that are themselves

A wondrous sight

And a sunset or rise

A spectacular celebration

A demarcation

That waters the eyes

These things come to mind

When I hear the word


A winding, wandering highway

From coast to coast

A field of wheat waving in the wind

A river wide and wild

And the old steamboat upon it

Whose paddle wheel

With flecking red paint

Still turns round and round

These things come to mind

When I hear the word


And a monument to

The father of a country

A spire so high

Above the contemplative, concerned

Bearded man of stone

In the chair

With hands gripping armrests

As the weight and fate of a fracturing Union

Bear down on his mortal soul

And the view from 30,000 feet

Then higher by an order of magnitude


When one can see

From sea to sea

The vastness

Of the land

And the shine

That brings to mind

The word


The ball that’s mostly blue

From a farther and farther view

The infinitum


By specks of light

In an otherwise pitch perfect night

That inspires the imagination

That exceeds anything

And everything


And yet I want to try

To imagine

And I hope

There will remain

Some others

Who will try

To imagine

With me

Because it’s all so very


© 2021 greg cain

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