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So There You Are

I Haven't Seen You For Years

I read a friends lovely poem

That triggered home

It brought back old memories

Which I thought were long gone

In this fast-moving world

I might be at the halfway point

Who knows?

I could even be at the end

Let's say I am at the beginning again

Where all things seemed possible

I have a long life to live

With very few doubts and lots of wonderful ideas

If was to be bold

I would say I am far from old

I wanted one wish

To spend time with all my family and friends that I knew

Knowing life takes it's toll

We all will one day leave this world alone

To where we go nobody knows

We all have different ideas

Some people talk about them

Other people hide their feelings deep inside

Through it all is a constant thread

We all experience love

What we have today

Can be fun in many ways

It also can be sad and unfortunate

Tomorrow is another day

Today has changed us in some small way

We may see it and reflect on it from time to time

Then we may never notice it at all

Our bodies age and tell us a message

In our minds we feel invincible

So often we ignore any other indications

The sun rises and sets

We go on with our plans

They are endless

So are the many thoughts that we may think

If we are smart

We will write a few things that we have done today

The thoughts that we think as we are doing them

A way of highlighting a memory

It might be visiting a fellow hubber on HubPages

Reading her work and leaving a comment

Then realizing how her words can move us in a new direction

Busy with life

We write a lot and often run out of time

To visit other peoples works

The time is 3:53 in the morning

My wife was tired and off to sleep she went

It was only a few hours ago

We were watching American Idol

We watched the whole season last year

We only missed 13 years

We went to Ocean Job lots and picked up some garden soil at a good price

I got my first haircut since the Pandemic started in March 11, 2020

My wife and I are off today and tomorrow

We both took Friday as an extra day

It is so nice to be home together

Today we went to bed at seven only to wake up at ten

We missed supper

We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when we got up

Now I see what looks like a full moon in the darkness

After four pictures I tried to capture the image

We had a quick unexpected rain shower

I ran around the house shutting all the windows

My cell phone isn't charging right

Two hours later

It still shows only 50 percent

I think I have to get it fixed

I didn't talk to anyone on the cell phone

Cami and I did food shopping at Market Basket

Everyone waiting in line and wearing masks is the new norm

I started my day off watering a few flowers in our yard

While my wife listened to a Weight Watchers meeting by Zoom

This is one of my days that years ago I would put in my diary

For hopes that I would read it another day

Then if I got busy

I never found the time

Then this would only be a lost memory

Forever in my mind