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So Much Emotion


Blondey has self published 3 books of poetry on Amazon. You can find her under her pen name Rosemary Amrhein.


Will you

Ever find me?

Will you

Love me properly?

Could I request-

That you be a man?

Be unattached?

Be kind?


Have integrity?

Be funny, smart, witty?

Clean neat and smell nice?

Be somewhat handsome?

Be tall and slender?

But maybe a bit round too

Lol like your backside

I want

someone like him

who I still want

someone sensitive

smart gentle artistic

what am I grasping at?


I just want

someone to love

Love goes no where

So I release it into the atmosphere

Once and for all

I moved on from you

I desire someone else now


I am

open minded

waiting patiently

for the right man

to pluck me from the garden

and settle down properly

for a lovely green sensuous healthy enjoyable season

may we love and be loved well

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