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So Many Lives

We need to make haste
Away from our difficult times
We made eyes at each other
It’s time to get past all that

We’ve lived so many lives
You remember every one
You can’t decide which is you
But that’s not your choice

So many lives
Why can't I pick one
It's not for me to say

Joy and pain are in your blood
Neither can make up their mind
They’re the same age, old as you
Those are things that happened

My hands know you so well
You smiled knowing what I want
I watched you put your dress back on
That’s for them, naked is for me

So many lives
Why can't we choose
I wonder what I'll be today

If you feel something too strong
That’s my soul, that’s for you
God must have needed you too
What is the way if not love?

So many lives
So many lives
Why can't I pick the one I love?

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