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So Hot, so Cold

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Oh but for a minute you brought down the rain,

A rain that saw me trapped in four walls of pain.

The rain that brought out demons to be slain,

And the rain that brings forth the blooms once again.

How I want to sit and fish,

Cook us up a tasty dish.

For that rain I once again wish,

So in her puddles I may cool and swish.

Out came the sun which beats down hard,

Upon my skin which I must now guard.

A heat that could leave you shriveled and charred,

If I do not be careful my skin will get scarred.

So hot, so cold the California air,

Speak out against her if I dare.

Remove my shirt so all can stare,

Come and relax, let down your hair.

Maybe now she’ll stick to a plan,

So without worry I can enjoy her sand.

California is mine, and I am her man,

This hot, cold relationship all time will span.

So here I sit and scrutinize her moods,

While she is walked on by other dudes,

Enjoy chaotic weather and all she includes,

Hoping that our love never eludes.


I've spent the majority of my life growing up here in California. It isn't often that I take the time out of my day to truly appreciate this state, especially when I am so busy living right here in it. However, with the extreme heat that came about immediately after the cold and rainy weeks we have been having, I couldn't help but to write this little piece.

Boy am I sweaty, but my tan is coming along splendidly!

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