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So High; So Low

Keen Writer!!! BE YOU!!! Is the only message. Believes in the power of words than the power of actions.

So High; So Low

Anaam was 100 yet was -100

Anaam was gold yet was iron

Anaam was a speaker yet was a quitter

Anaam was the brain yet was an appendix

Anaam was so higher yet was so lower

Anaam amazed everyone yet amazed no one

Anaam killed everyone yet killed no one

Anaam raised everything yet raised nothing

Anaam replied all yet replied none

Anaam flew so high yet flew so low

Teachers asked everything yet asked nothing

Teachers taught all yet taught none

Teachers hoped everyone yet hoped no one

Teachers loved many yet loved few

Teachers expected so high yet expected so low

Teachers believed in all yet believed in few

Teachers completed everything yet completed nothing

Teachers allowed everyone yet allowed no one

Teachers forgot nothing yet forgot everything

Teachers hit so high yet hit so low

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