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So Happy To Be Warm Inside

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It Didn't Take Long

Outside trying to get the car gas cap cover open

I would have to pick the coldest day

The temperature is 15 degrees

I might wait till later about noontime where it is supposed to warm up

I keep pressing the lever on the floor

I tried opening it with a screwdriver

I thought it might have been frozen

I tried spraying deicer

Then I went online

It seems to be a problem other people have had with older cars

The spring wears out

So after watching video after video

I might just add a spring inside

It looks like a quick fix

Not sure what to do

I just leave it open a crack

The gas was very low

When I pulled into the gas station

Then not being able to open the cover

I had to drive home

So the gas slowly hovered two notches above e

Then my wife came out to try the cover

While I press the lever

She used the screwdriver

It popped open

A little problem that can make life more difficult

Working together always makes it better