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Snowflakes—The Quiet and White Beauty (Haiku)

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core



Word Prompt—Snowflakes

Another week, another interesting word Prompt by our dear friend and fellow writer, Brenda.

I appreciate her continuous efforts to motivate the writers to create something new, every week. Her efforts to keep the interest of the writers intact, is praiseworthy indeed.

Thank you Brenda, and here is my response for the word prompt—Snowflakes.

Hope you like it.
I am a bit late this time, but have enjoyed reading the other writer’s responses.

The beauty of the snowflakes

The beauty of the snowflakes

Snowflakes-The Quiet and White Beauty

Haiku 1

White Snowflakes are like angels,

Descending quietly and gently upon the earth,

Like many, many heavenly blessings.

Haiku 2

Gently, delicately, dreamily, tenderly, mildly,

Fluffy, lightly, slowly, falling, shining, peaceably, hushedly,

The beautiful Snowflakes all around.

Haiku 3

Snowflakes are on the way,

Looks shiny, like a beautiful magic spell,

Winter creates a fairy wonderland.

© 2022 Chitrangada Sharan

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