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Snow Upon the Roses

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Our love,

as sweet as summer wine,

for days of pure bliss -

wandering where we may.

Not much to say,

for love is in both our hearts,

with the smiling sun above

and the moon beaming -

upon our summer nights.

As we go dancing,

between the moonbeams,

dreaming dreams

and making wishes upon,

the stars twinkling so bright.

Like butterflies,

we dance through the days,

filled with flowers

and the pure beauty,

that the summer brings,

but as the cooler winds begin to blow,

replacing more and more,

the tender summer breezes –

I shiver catching a feel,

of the autumn winds –

as they come blowing in.

My thoughts fly,

to the changing of the seasons

and I know that you and I,

will dance together -

along with the swirling autumn leaves.

The sun will still warm us

and nature will be,

in so many different colors.

The nights we’ll warm,

one another

and dream upon the stars,

now in a cold and glittering sky,

but as the autumn days,

drift by,

I wonder how it will be

and if our love can survive -

the coming of the winter.

With memories of our summer,

with aching heart,

just thinking,

that now the snow,

is upon the roses -

that once grew so free and wild.

During the frosty nights

Will you still hold me tight?

Will we make footprints

side by side through the ice and snow?

keeping each other warm

and holding on tight,

until the spring once more,

creeps over the windowsill.

Will you still be there -

when the snow is upon the roses?

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee

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