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Snow Bird Feeders


Birds gather in a tree,

Visits just for you to see.

Bright or dull varied colors,

Each species like no other.


Weather can be so unfair,

Meals spotted from the air,

Snow blankets nature’s food.

Special treats are up to you.


Cracked corn for a chick-a-dee.

Crumbs, cereal, fruit, and seeds.

Keep it simple what you give.

Every bite will help them live.


Bright is red against the snow.

He flies by as if he knows,

A beautiful, feathered friend,

Cardinal of Heaven send.


Nature painted picture zooms,

Window passed your living room.

Flying through a gust of wind.

Upon your feeder they descend.


Woodpeckers cannot find bugs,

In the winter bugs are snug.

Provide them protein other ways.

Nuts and suet make their day.


Sparrows will feed from the ground.

Seen with Juncos they are found.

Blue Jays dine on anything.

Every morsel hogged it seems.


© 2021 Diana L Pierce