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Smooth Sailing With Rough Seas Ahead

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We can't Predict Tomorrow

Neither would we want to

Life is a guessing game

We can enjoy and get frustrated at the same time

When we think we have things figured out

We couldn't be more wrong

So instead of pulling the hairs out of your head

One by one

Why not embrace change

Nobody said it was going to be easy

In the end

Over the long haul

You will be pleased as punch

You can think of the old Cool Aid commercial

The excitement and the thrill

You will be so glad you did

For me I like routine

It gives me purpose and satisfaction

Unfortunately, in todays world

There are too many variables

I watched the other day where the people in Kentucky

Are losing the homes and their lives

Do to the flash floods by nature

At the same time

There was a Mega- Millions jackpot estimated over 1.2 billion dollars

The was one lucky winner

The all time lows

At the same time all time highs

How can you not feel so bad for the people in all the places floods are happening

Missouri, Colorado, Virginia, Southern Montana, Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia, Suriname, Argentina and Chile, Cuba, Guyana, Mexico and Guatemala

To name a few other places

That are suffering

What can we do

We can start by praying for the best

As our life goes on

We live in our own circle

Things that affect us

That make us or break us

A childhood friend dies

A job change

Car trouble

Sometimes it seems selfish

How we think so small

But the littlest things can have the biggest impact

Since we all view the world

Slightly different and magnificent

All at the same time

May today bring you new joys

A love that carries on

Even when sadness strikes

Stay strong

Fight your way back to

The peace of mind you so deserve

© 2022 DREAM ON

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