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Smelly Soldiers' Game: A Humorous, Silly Rhyme

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


In a far away tiny land, I forget its name

there was this story of a girl and a boy

so terribly poor that it was a shame

for they never got a single toy.

They would use anything to improvise

with rich imagination only kids possess

so let following serve as a little surprise

what was their game you wouldn't guess.

And neither could that old man passing by

seeing line of sheep crap on the ground

lined from smallest to big and now dry

on nearby meadow a lot to be found.

So he asked the kids what was their game

they just shrugged with faces being blank

saying how they had not given it a name

but those were soldiers lined by a rank.

Now all too curious and amused was the man

amazed how they knew all from corporal up

reciting them excitedly like only kids can

from smallest to biggest piece of crap.

Only the highest rank was not there

Commander in Chief slipped their mind

but they said they had looked everywhere

and such a big piece of crap they couldn't find.

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