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Sloth and the Weasel – Answer to a Poetic challenge by Chris Mills via Natalie Frank's hub.

The Sloth


The challenge

by Shyron E Shenko

Our friend and fellow Hubber

Chris Mills (cam8510) wrote a poem

“The Boar and the Wolf

Issued a challenge for us to write one

And try to not be aloof

I accept this challenge to write a whimsical nonsensical poem

Using a list of words that do not rhyme

Chris got the list of ten words

From another Hubber friend of yours and mine

So…with a hearty ‘Hi-Ho-Silver

Let my poem begin

In a haze of Purple

With words in a group of ten

• Silver

• Purple,

• Month

• Ninth

• Pint

• Wolf

• Opus - onus

• Dangerous

• Marathon

• Discombobulate

In this sixth Month

As we sit down to sip from a bootleg pint

This fourteenth day not the Ninth

Beware the Wolf

it’s onus and written in the Opus

So… in this Marathon

Everyone get set to run

Try not to hesitate

Or you might Discombobulate

Sloth and the Weasel the Poem

©by Shyron E Shenko


The sly sluttish sloth whose fur was Silver

Who thought he could out live her

If he could just wed the rich weasel who was Purple

When she got dunked trying to slurp in the grape wine vat

Which made her words come out like a gurgle

He thought he could win her on the 1st day 9thMonth

And he wrote her an Opus

To declare he would grow in his Metamorphosis

Ah beware the wolf

Hiding in her office

The wolf would scoff they would dine on caviar with wine

The weasel’s suitors were all set to run

A very simple Marathon

To see her wedding come undone

The cantankerous raccoon became Dangerous

From too many hours in the sun

He said of the wine I’ll have a pint

Or it might be my ninth

In fact, who knows how much I’ve had

The sloth finally came through

He knew just what to do

Reading the Opus

Right next to a locust

Which made weasel swoon

From the name of the tune

And discombobulated her head

And soon the sloth and the weasel wed

The sloth was elated and finally sated

She is the only one that he dated

But, the sloth she berated

And now he wished he were dead

© 2018 Shyron E Shenko

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