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Sloth Saves the Day

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


Sloth Saves the Day


From the Air and the Earth a daughter

who would hang from trees till moss grew,

who would only leave home for water,

on her coat mixed with other mildew.

The squirrel would hide what he gathered

a small pile of red berries and nuts

where the sloth she would hang unbothered

and squirrel with a bird found shortcuts.

Sometimes the bird and squirrel would meet

to make fun of the hanging lazy sloth

who did not move when they took a seat

or when bird suddenly grabbed a moth.

So the sloth never bothered by jest

would simply remain hanging all day

just another hour or so to rest

to find conviction in what to say.

Then a spying Weasel found the store

soon interested in their treasure

and thought "What luck only sloth at door!"

this will prove to be simple seizure.

Yet when Weasel went in for the theft

sleepy Sloth just hung right in the front

and no matter how hard his heft

he could not dislodge her with sheer grunt.


So the Sloth only wanted to nap

used her claws on the weasel just once

then the Weasel still dizzy from rap

fell from tree as he played as the dunce.

Then she prepared for sleep once again

until Squirrel and bird woke her up

with a song with a dance and a grin

so dear Sloth would join them in sup.

"Though the dance and the song make me smile

I must admit that I am Goddess

who once lived on a lonely Greek Isle

and I go by the name 'Aergias'

though most creatures call me lazy

I am highly trained as a stealth guard

to try stealing my things is crazy

just my presence alone keeps things barred."

So the Sloth only wanted nap

closed her eyes to the squirrel and bird

after listening to her lengthy rap

let her sleep without even a word.

Then the three saved up for winter

and stayed fed during the worst of storms

even strong winds could not dislodge her

or disrupt her Goddess decorum.

© 2021 Jamie Lee Hamann

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